Admission and Study Permit

Admission and Study Permit

With over 620,000 international students, Canada is known as a relatively brighter country to opt for higher education overseas. The reputation is also brought by the smoothness of immigrating to Canada. Statistics Canada says, about 3 in 10 international students who entered Canada in 2000 or later became landed immigrants within 10 years. Inc. being the authorized student recruitment partner of ApplyBoard Inc. has made the admission journey easier and even more convenient for all of you. 

To take care of your study permit application, Inc. has partnered with Licensed Immigration Lawyer and Immigration consultant based in Canada. 

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Any of our Immigration services begins with a pre-assessment session. This is usually for about a 30 mins duration (exception: business category visa application or a case which has previous rejection history). The pre-assessment session will be conducted by any of the licensed Immigration Lawyers (mostly applicable for judicial reviews) or RCIC-IRB (applicable for most of cases except judicial reviews) associated with Inc.  The objective of understanding and explaining whether you are qualified for the desired program or not. In case if you wish to take our End-to-End services, then this pre-assessment service fee will be credited from the total service fee.


If you wish to take our assistance for the entire program, the service fee will completely depend on the program you are looking for and the effort we may have to make on your profile. This varies widely from applicant to applicant; we have no flat fee for all. We will be able to share the fee amount with you after the Pre- Assessment session only.

Our job is to assist you with creating profile and submitting applications (as applicable) with the supervision of Immigration lawyer / RCIC-IRB (as applicable). But we will need you to be with us available online to cross check all the info.

Regarding your current and previous job experience letters, we will instruct you what to do and what to write but you are responsible to manage all those from your employers and ensure the verification goes smoothly by contacting them properly. 

It's meaningless to say, you are fully responsible to provide all the required documents & evidence (for example Passport, Education certificate, Job letters, Birth certificate, Bank statements, Relationship proof etc. as applicable) in the correct order and with correct info as will be suggested.  

We will try our level best to guide and assist (with the utmost intention) so that you can obtain the visa/permit successfully, but it is NEVER ASSURED that you will get the visa/permit as that's completely under the discretion of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).  

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