Canada needs so many talents, you may be one of them.

An onion usually have 8-13 layers. Our job is to dissect the entire onion and COUNT how many layers are there actually. ​

We truly understand one shoe does not fit to all. That is why we like to hear your stories and want to come up with a CUSTOMIZED guidance for you only based on our expertise.

We assume you are coming to us because our presence on social media CONVINCED you to talk to us one to one and take the support wherever you feel we have the right strength.

Our simple promise to you, we will make sure you won’t regret buying our time and we will do our best within our CAPACITY.

Our services

Career counseling

  • Job search / switch
  • Preparing resume and cover letter
  • Interview preparation
  • Developing skills to expect promotion.

Virtual discussion

Proof reading

  • Resume / Cover letter
  • Job reference letter
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Letter of Explanation
  • Presentation / Thesis