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  • Please check our “Disclaimer” tab before you purchase any of your service.
  • Read the terms and conditions below.

Our services are mainly divided in to 03 categories.

Category A

Career counseling topics, which includes the below topics but not limited to:

  • Job search / switch
  • Preparing resume and cover letter
  • Interview preparation
  • Developing skills to expect promotion
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Category B

Virtual discussion, which includes the below topics but not limited to:

  • Any topic out of our YouTube channel :
  • Canada IMMIGRATION / STUDY / VISIT . Please read the "Disclaimer" page before you book an appointment. We work with LICENSED IMMIGRATION LAWYER as well, please book your appointment accordingly.
  • Business process model discussion (Idea generation, project design, risk analysis, reporting template designing etc.)
  • Preparing presentation / Thesis
  • Helping you to launch and Optimize your own YouTube channel.

Category C

Proof reading, which includes the below topics but not limited to:

  • Resume / Cover letter
  • Job reference letter
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)
  • Letter of Explanation
  • Presentation / Thesis
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Terms and conditions:

Please read before you book an appointment followed by payment.

  • Please DON’T buy any service before reading the Disclaimer
  • We absolutely DON’T guarantee your success.
  • Service fees are prepaid and NOT refundable. The best we can do is rescheduling the appointment window provided that you give us a notice at least 48 hours before, failing to notify us before 48 hours will make us free from the liability
  • The contact mode might be audio / video / written over Skype / Messenger / Zoom / Whatsapp but regardless of the mode and platform, being disrespectful will NEVER be tolerated and we will drop the communication immediately no matter whether the contract is over or not.

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